Biodegradable and water-soluble polycarboxylates derived from starch

Isananto Winursito



This research present electrical and thermal properties of the Nano composite high density poly Utilization
of natural resources, like polysaccharide, as a raw material for the preparation of biodegradable and
functional polymer was studied. Partially dicarboxylated polysaccharides were prepared using starch from
corn, sago and tapioca, and comparison was made of their biodegradability, hydrolytic degradability and
calcium ion sequestration capacity. The biodegradability of dicarboxylated starch sodium salt (DC-starch)
depended on the dicarboxylation degree. DC-starch containing more than 75-85 mol% of unreacted
glucopyranose groups in the polymer chain showed excellent biodegradation. DC-starch with high
dicarboxylation degree was resistant to biodegradation but showed good calcium ion sequestration.
Among DC-starches from corn, sago and tapioca starches, hydrolytic degradability and calcium ion
sequestration performance were essentially the same.
Keywords: biodegradation, dicarboxylated starch, polycarboxylate, water-soluble polymer.

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