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In this study, the use of data between BOD, Ammonia (NH4+), Nitrites (NO2-) and Nitrate (NO3-) was conducted in laboratory wastewater treatment. First, samples collected from incoming and outflow water from laboratory wastewater treatment plants, were analyzed to find correlation or correlation by comparing parameter data. Second, correlated content is used to generate a relationship model to predict the value for the next. The study focused on BOD, ammonia, Nitrate and nitrite parameters. The results of this study shows the relationship of BOD with ammonia in this study is inversely related to laboratory waste treatment case where if an increase in BOD value will increase the ammonia value while the BOD value is inversely related to nitrite value. It’s upside  down graph of BOD of nitrate values is directly proportional where if there is an increase in the BOD value then nitrate also increases otherwise if BOD decreases feeding the nitrate value also decreases.


Nitrate; Nitrite; BOD; Laboratory Waste;

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