Sari Farah Dina, Jufrizal ,, Azwardi ,, Mighrad Syahputra


The research on the manufacture of a seawater solar desalination proptotype uses thermal solar energy to evaporate seawater so as to obtain condensate that can be used as clean water has been done. The principle of distillation is the  separation by heating the sea water in a bathtub with a varied pressure conditions under 1 atm pressure C inside (evaporator°(vacuum) to yield a lower vapor point than 100 chamber). Furthermore, water vapor (desalined vapor) is condensed to produce clean water. The purpose of this study was to test the vacuum tube type solar kinerjakolektor for generating thermal energy to heat and evaporate the sea water capacity of 20 liters. During the test the pressure in the evaporator varied at a pressure of -35 cmHg, -50 cmHg, and -65 cmHg. Results of tests performed each three repetitions with a time of testing took place between the hours of 9:00 to 17:00 pm with a radiation intensity range 120-988 Watt / m2menunjukkan optimal conditions achieved by treatment of -65 cmHg pressure obtained evaporation rate of 333 mL/h and efficiency is 10%.


sea water; solar desalination; vacuum;

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