Penelitian Penggunaan Bahan Bakar Nabati (Bbn) pada Mesin Diesel Stasioner sebagai Upaya Mengurangi Ketergantungan terhadap Bahan Bakar Minyak

Sony Harbintoro, Luky Krisnadi, Hafid Hafid


Research on used biofuel for stationary diesel engine as an effort to reduce defendency fuel oil has been done. The objective is to stationary diesel engines are widely used by farmers for tractors and other farm machinery can be used biofuel as a substitute fuel oil. The research method was taken, consist of : (1) pressing and degumming process, (2) viscosities test, (3) effect the use jathropa curcas as fuel to the diesel engine component, namely : plunger and plunger housing, injector, cylinder head, piston and oil. The jathropa curcas which become fuel for engine diesel must be passing on pre-heating process at converter before goes to high pressure fuel pump (bosch pump). The aim of pre-heating process is to decrease the viscosity value of vegetable oil to be equal with diesel fuel. Based on endurance test for 17 hour, fit to SAE Paper No.942010 showed that engine diesel can be running well and performance can not change which is significant but there was much more deposit at piston head that is 12.55% compare to diesel fuel. 


biofuel, stasionary diesel engine, jathropa curcas.

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