Pengaruh Tekanan Pemasakan dan Penggunaan Rak Penyusun Terhadap Mutu dan Kekerasan Tulang Ayam Presto

Rizal Alamsyah



Problems encountered in the production of chicken presto is bones which it is rapidly destroyed while cooking spices still does not penetrate properly  into the meat and rancidity is still felt. The purpose of this study was to determine the effect of vapor pressure cooking and the influence of position rack storage of raw chicken in aoutoclave on quality and tenderness of chicken bones  of chicken presto. The study consisted of two phases, namely the production of chicken presto, and storage for 8 weeks. Steam pressure treatment used were 10, 15 and 20 psi. These treatment were conducted with rack storage (shelf dividers) and without rack storage (stacked as usual). Tests were conducted on the product organoleptic and bone hardness test. Presto chicken products with the highest organoleptic acceptance is the treatment T2, which was the process of cooking presto with a pressure of 15 psi and processed without the use rack storage. Rack storage did not affect the organoleptic score increase on the product. Organoleptic test results showed presto chicken products accepted by the panelists with the average value of A between 3.3 to 3.6. The bone hardness test shows hardness values varying between 22.44 gf / mm to 60,46 gf / mm


pressure, rack storage, chicken presto, bone hardness

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