Pengaruh Penambahan Larutan Alkali pada Ko-Kristalisasi Buah Nanas

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Pineapple fruit, nutrient-rich addition also contains pectin and has a pH of 3-4 (acid) which when added sucrose and heated it will form a tough Gell to form crystals, because it required a technology that can make acidic to alkaline so it can be crystallized. This research was conducted with the aim to cultivate pineapple instant drink powder. The method used is the treatment of co-crystallization with the addition of 2% alkaline solution of lime and baking soda as well as the addition of 2% sucrose 200 g, 300 g and 400 g. Total yield of co-crystallization determined pineapple and nutritional analysis done by measuring the amount of sugar, calcium, phosphorus and vitamin C. A level pollen pineapple made with organoleptic test. Organoleptic test results showed that the panelists preferred sebuk pineapple pineapple is powder with the addition of sucrose solution of lime and 200 g with an average value of A between 3.16 to 3.92 while for the addition of a solution of baking soda and sucrose 400 g with a mean A mean value between 3.21 to 3.91. The results showed that pineapple instant powder with the addition of 2% lime solution and 400 g of sucrose produced the highest yield of 36.92% with 92.7% of the amount of sugar, calcium 223 mg/100 g, 30 mg/100 g of phosphorus and vitamin C 1 , 66 mg/100 g. On the addition of a solution of baking soda and 2% sucrose 400 g produce the highest yield of 30.71% with the amount of sugar 92.9%, calcium 63.4 mg/100 g, 44.3 mg/100 g of phosphorus and vitamin C 1, 19 mg/100 g b.


Co-crystallization, Lime solution, Solution of baking soda, Fruit pineapple, Sucrose

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