Pengaruh Berbagai Jenis Bahan Pengendap terhadap Peningkatan Gel Refined Carrageenandari Eucheuma Cottonii

Rizal Alamsyah, Nami Lestari, Reno Fitri Hasrini


The problems faced by carragenan producers is the optimation of the presipitation ingridients.  Presipitation process on the extraction carragenan from seaweeds is very essential since the fraction with higher molecul weight will be separated from the lighter one, and it can influence the gel strength which is one of the important characteristics.  Precipitation ingridients used in this experiments consist of  methanol, ethanol, and isopropanol. The extraction of carragenan from Eucheuma cottonii in this research follows some steps e.g. extraction with KOH 6%, heating, rinsing, pulping, hot filtering, addition of KCL 5%, precipitation, washing-rinsing, squizing, drying and grinding. Quality parameters observed were gel strength, moisture content, ash content, viscosity, boiling point, and gel point. From these experiments methanol ingridients exhibited the best characteristics of refined carragenan in term of gel strength (1407,83 g/cm2), moisture content (9,96%), ash content (18,7%), viscosity (251 cP), boiling point (27,6°C), and gel point (30,3°C).  In general refined carrageenan processed with these presipitation meet the standard from FAO (Food Agriculture Organization), FCC (Food Chemicals Codex), dan EEC (European Economic Community).



refined carrageenan, methanol, ethanol, isopropanol, gel strength, and Eucheuma cottonii


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