Pengembangan Produk Olahan Rosella (Hibiscus sabdarifa Linn.) Menjadi Minuman Jelly dan Rosella Leather

Mirna Isyanti, Nami Lestari


The study of development of rosella’s product has been conducted in Centre for Agro-Based Industry.  The study aimed to developed the diversification of rosella processing into a jelly drink and rosella leather product.  The aim of this research is to develop the rosella processed in the form of jelly drink and rosella leather as a diversification product of rosella. The method using in the research is optimalization jelly drink and rosella leather process to get the best formulation based on panelist like most.  This jelly drink consist of dry extract rosella in water for 15 minutes with formulation 1 : 50.  Using organoleptic with hedonic testing, the rosella jelly drink that the panelist like most from the overall parameter is jelly powder 0,4% and sugar 17,5%.  Gel strength of rosella jelly drink that approaching commercial products is 46,65 gf.  The chemical analysis of jelly drink rosella selected  show that the water content is 72,2%,  the ash content is 0,30%, the sugar content is  22,2%, and the acidity are 3,15.  Hedonic testing of rosella leather shows that the most likely product from the taste, flavor, and texture are product  with composition 75% rosella and 25% pink guava.  The chemical analysis of rosella leather selected shows that the water content is 16,8%, the ash content is 0,74%,  the sugar content is 69,0%, the total acid is 16,3 ml N NaOH/100 g, the dietary fiber products is 4,08 - 5,42%.  


Rosella, Jelly Drink Rosella, Rosella Leather.

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