Pembuatan Alat Pengering Kerupuk Rengginang dengan Kapasitas 7 Kg di Samarinda

Jantri Sirait


Has been conducted by making the hair crackers rengginang and applied to operations "YANI JAYA" in Samarinda. The goal is to increase the production of crackers rengginang, more hygienic product, dry crackers more evenly, does not require large tracts of land, and drying does not depend on weather conditions. Drying crackers previous rengginang still utilize the sun's heat, so the drying process depends on the weather conditions. The design of the dryer consists of: length, width, height (80, 80, 124) cm. Drying rack has a length, width, height (78, 50, 5) cm, with 5 levels of drying rack. Furnace has a length, width, height (77, 48, 9) cm, heat conductive medium used is gravel. Drying capacity is 7 kg or 490 grain mold, and it takes 8 hours to dry crackers with temperature tendency rengginang 40-60 OC. Total fuel consumption gar once the drying process is 1.2 kg. Based on the results of laboratory tests on the water content of crackers rengginang on each rack is the first shelf 8.26%, 8.28% the second shelf, third shelf 8.31%, 8.26% rack fourth and fifth racks 8.25 %, and crackers rengginang expand when fried. From the calculation of the economic value of the point of techno recoup their production by 29.27%, 94.27% return on investment in, and the turnover time of 1 year 1 month.


Cracker Rengginang, Dryers, Heat Transfer Systems

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