Pembuatan Alat Pengasapan Ikan Dengan Sistem Rotary Berbahan Bakar Tempurung Kelapa

Jantri Sirait


A smoked fish equipment with rotary system using coconut shell fuel has been made  The equipment is specified by 200 cm height and 100 cm in diameter of drying room. there  levels of fish hanger  and three hangers of each level. Each hanger can  hang 5 - 6 kg of fresh fish. These hangers can rotate powered  by 1250 rpm and 125 wott of electric  motor. A gear box is installed  to reduce the rotation speed of this motor. The amount of coconut shell that is needed for 18 hours driymg of 45 kg finish product of smoked  fish IS  20 kg. The results of laboratory analysis  of the smoked  fish treated cat fish (Hemibagrus nemurus) and pandanus  fish (Cryptopterus. Spp)  meet with  SNI 01 -   2725 -  1992 dried fish. except mold parameter.  The parameter tested in this analyses are moisture contant. ash contant. salt contant. Total Plate Count (TPC). E-coli. solmonella  Sp. and the  moisture cantont  of the smoked  fish produced is higher  than its standard  of SNI

Key word : smoked fish, coconut shell, rotary system



smoked fish, coconut shell, rotary system

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