Pengaruh Jenis Alat Suling terhadap Rendemen dan Kualitas Minyak Kayu Putih yang Dihasilkan

Eddy Sapto Harianto


The potency of Cajuput oils production in West Seram (SBB) very large, if support with high technology. In the mommenmost of   apparatus still traditional distillation.  that made  from wood. So the yield  was low.    To increassing yield and qualify of cajupur oils from SBB need repair of distillation technology. The experiment was conducted in SBB, on August 2007.   The

treatment consisted of 2 different distillation apparalus i. e apparatus made of wood and steinless steel, 6 time of distillation i.e. 1 our, 2 ours, 3 ours, 4 ours, 5 our and 6 ours. The experiment was designed in a Completely Randomized with 2 replications. Parameter observed of result distillation cajuput oils were percent of yield, percent of cineol, specify grativy, refraction, index number,optic. The results showed that distillation apparatus made stainless steel showed better performance than traditional distillation  apparatus made from wood.  The treatment of 3 ours (A1B3) were optimum  treament  with result analysis gave yeild  0,93 %, cineol  57,4 %, specify gratify 0,914, refracy index 1,465 and optic polarization (-) 1,64.


Meleleuca leucadendron L., cajuput oils, distillation apparatus

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