Peranan Kemasan Pada Hasil Tanaman Industri

Zein Nasution, Wakhjuddin Ciptadi


From technical point of view the packaging function are 1) to keep the product in a good condition during distribution and storage, 2) to protect the product from the mechani­cal destruction, 3) to protect the product from contamination,
oxidation macro/micro organism, light, and humidity, 4) to keep the environment so that product can be stored much longer. Whereas from comercial view point the packaging func­tion are ; 1) to make the product more attractive, 2) to mini­
mize the possibility of lossing, and 3) to give information of the product· such as specification, price, and weight. There are many packaging material can be used for industrial crops. It is caused by wide variety of the crops and also the
form and material of packaging must fulfill a certain require­ment.

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