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-, Djumarman, Balai Besar Industri Agro, Indonesia

  • Vol 21, No 02 (2004) - Makalah Penelitian
    (The effect of grade and particle size of drying nutmeg Oil)
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  • Vol 22, No 01 (2005) - Makalah Penelitian
    (The Effect of pH, Mineral and Hydrocolloid addition on the Syneresis Index of Green Cincau (Premna Oblongifalia Merr.) Gel)
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  • Vol 25, No 02 (2008) - Makalah Penelitian
    (Indentification of Phenol and Delphinidine in the Telang’s flower (Clitoria ternatea L.) and its effectivity to staphylococcus aureus as Eyes Bacterial Deseases)
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