(A study on isothermic-sorption models for desiccated coconut made of hybrid coconuts (khina-1,khina-2 dan Khina-3)

Shinta Damerys Sirait, Marlina R. Sirait Marlina R. Sirait, Putiati Mahdar


A study on isothermic-sortion characteristics of some desccated coconut had been conducted.The desiccated coconut was made from hybrid coconuts,khina-1,khina-2 ,khina-3.The result showed that the moisture content equilibrium range of dessicated coconut made from khina-1,khina -2,and khina-3was respectively 2.42-10.43%(db),2.27-13.66%(db)and 2.47-11.49%(db)due to adsorbtion approach,whereas by desortion it was 22.66-46.94%(db),3749-57.56%(db)43.95-62.97%(db).The reseach proved thet Henderson Equation was the most suitable to describe the isothermic-sorption models of desiccated coconut made from those hybrid coconuts.By knowing the moisture content equilibrium and isothermic-sorptionmodels of those desiccated coconuts,the storage condition to maintain the quality required can be designed.


Dessicated coconut, hybrid coconuts, isothermic-sorption models

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DOI: http://dx.doi.org/10.32765/warta%20ihp.v12i1-2.2418


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