Characterization of Ethanol Extract from Katumpangan Air Herbs (Peperomia pellucida L. Kunth

Marissa Angelina, Puteri Amelia, Muchammad Irsyad, Lia Meilawati, Muhammad Hanafi


Peperomia pellucida L. Kunth known as “Katumpangan Air” is a potential medicinal plants used traditionally for uric acid, rheumatic, headache, stomachache, antimicrobial. This study aims to establish  the non-specific  and specific parameters of ethanol extract from Katumpangan air (EKA). EKA was collected from three different growth places: South Tangerang (6.833%), Bogor (7.8%) and Yogyakarta (13.125%). The results show that organoleptic extract characterization from three places were same: thick, blackish green brown, bitter and have a characteristic odor. The average content of water-soluble compounds was within range 7.39-13.29%, ethanol-soluble 15.33-16.68%, flavonoid total 3.807-4.244%. The range of moisture content was 12.25-16.34%, ash total 1.21-2.78%, acid insoluble ash 0.19-1.62%, drying shrinkage 21.62-24.98%, specific gravity 1.0010-1.0034 g/mL for the non-specific parameter. Microbial contamination testing results 0.61x103-1.13x103 coloni/g, the contaminant testing mold/yeast 0.1x102-1.7x102 coloni/g, while lead metal 0.15-0.18 mg/kg, cadmium 0-0.11 mg/kg and arsenic <0.005µg/kg.


non-specific parameters; Peperomia pellucida L. Kunth; specific parameters

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